Why Maintain Your Site?

If you’re not keeping your website up to date then you’re vulnerable.

Why it is important to keep your WordPress installation up to date:

WordPress upgrades give you more features and make the user experience better. WordPress Plugins are updated often and having the latest WordPress site keeps them functioning properly.

More importantly, the WordPress upgrades can fix bugs that might be making your website slow to load, unstable or open to hackers. Maintaining your site can increase the security of your website. Your visitors deserve security.

WordPress Needs Maintenance

Updating plugins and security features takes time and must be performed on a regular basis. The PurpleGob Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Full back up of databases and theme design files
  • Complete any updates for plugins
  • Updating WordPress to the most stable current update
  • Check functionality of all plug-ins and recommend new ones if support/upgrades are no longer available
  • Debugging and post maintenance

Keep Your Site Clean

One of the most common mistakes we see on the web are sites that are not well maintained. We’re here to save you time and make sure your site looks great. Maintenance plans start at $75 per month. We will tailor our services to your needs.

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